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Alma Mater

On the Indiana Highway neath the sky of changeful hue
Stands our beloved High School e'er to her be true
Join the chorus sound its praises
Over hill and dale
Hail to Thee United High School, Hail to Thee, All Hail! 

United School District


The United School District is located at 10780 Route 56 Highway East, Armagh, PA  15920 in Indiana County.  The geographic size of United School District is 132.4 square miles  and serves the borough of Armagh and the townships of Brush Valley, Buffington, East Wheatfield, and West Wheatfield.  The District has two schools serving a total of approximately 1,100 students -- United Elementary School with students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 and United Junior/Senior High School with students in Grades 7 through 12.


Superintendent’s Message

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale recently reported that audits of Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber), “demonstrate the urgent need to overhaul the worst charter school law in the nation.”  The Auditor General noted that most of the problems involve ambiguous areas within the charter school law.  DePasquale reports that Audits of PA Cyber, the Lincoln Park Performing Arts charter School, and, Midland Borough School District,

illustrate just how poorly our charter school law is protecting students and taxpayers and ensuring that education  dollars help students learn, not help individuals profit.  Auditors found that leaders involved with all   three of these schools had intermingled relationships that put individual self-interests above student needs while controlling hundreds of millions of taxpayer education funds from nearly every district in the state.

DePasquale indicated that the former CEO of PA Cyber, had been Midland’s superintendent and was founder and CEO of Lincoln Park, as well as founder and president of the management company contracted by the schools. This individual was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2013 and last month pled guilty in federal court to tax conspiracy related to management of the schools.

Charter reform and legislation is necessary to protect millions of taxpayer dollars, but more importantly necessary to protect our children while supporting their educational successes. 

Remember that these schools advertise themselves as “free,” when in fact taxpayer dollars are being used to fund these schools.  Taxpayer dollars are then taken away from public schools who continue to struggle with lesser than needed monies to provide our students with the free and appropriate education that they deserve.   

                                                       --Dr. Barbara Parkins

NAMM Award
United Junior/Senior High School was one of 118 schools, nationwide, that received the 2016 SupportMusic Merit Award from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation.  NAMM has recognized United for its commitment to music education.  There were only nine (9) schools in Pennsylvania who achieved this award.  Congratulations to Acey Gongaware and Zach Karcher for their efforts in providing our students with  the opportunity to learn and grow with music.  Mrs. Gongaware and Mr. Karcher were instrumental in providing the data submitted to NAMM for this year’s award. 

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